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Most people imagine having sex in their house – probably the bedroom or maybe the living room or if it can’t wait perhaps the car – you know, the old fashion way. Could you imagine having sex in the mud, covered in the blood of sacrificed animals?

Throughout history, sex – one of the fundamentals of human functions – has been viewed and explored in a multitude of ways. Sex or procreation has been deemed moral, immoral, praised, designated to certain social classes, and celebrated since the beginning of recorded human history.

For instance, in ancient India sex was as important as literature or art and was studied in school. The Kama Sutra, or 64 arts and positions of love-passion-pleasure were kept as a guidebook much the same way we might keep a cookbook in our bookshelves. Continue reading


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This summer or spring break it is crucial that you have the sexiest bikini on the beach. The sexiest types of bikini don’t need to cost you a fortune and you don’t need to be afraid of an unwanted part of your body accidently slipping out. However, it’s the 21st century – not the 1950s – us ladies should be allowed to get a little wild. Yet, wild doesn’t necessary mean half naked, it can also mean wildly classy and fun too. Luckily, finding the most fashionable type of bikini has never been easier. This summer, here are some of the most popular types of bikini out there.

  •  Printed bikinis are really in this summer. Prints like flowers, wild cats, horses, city scenes and more are going to be really popular. There are a number of designers coming out with these types of bikinis. Some of these are a little pricey, but you can easily find a style that works for your price range.
  •  Another fun style of bikini is a mismatched one. Basically, the bottom is a totally different style or print than the top. These are fun bikinis usually worn by some of the most adventurous fashionistas. Yet, there are a number of styles that are little more toned down that anybody can get away with. Continue reading

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 Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s about time to pick up a new bikini. Ah yes, summertime and long languorous days by the beach or the pool –the only place and time where you are basically allowed to walk around nearly naked. It is important, though, when you are shopping for bikinis to shop for the right style of bikini that fits your personality. Sociologists have done real studies and show that there are different types of bikini styles for all the different types of personalities. For instance, if you are boring you will naturally go with the most boring bikini style. If you are loud and wild, you will go with the loudest and most wild bikini. Basically we choose the bikini that best match who we are. Here are some other types of bikini personalities.
1.      In one study, it was proven that more outgoing women wore more thong style bikinis. They either wore a spaghetti thong, which is essentially just a strip through the butt that subsequently shows the most junk in the trunk, or something just a little wider. On average, more outgoing women feel the biggest need to flaunt their “natural assets” Bay Watch-style.
2.      Shy girls are known to stick with more one-piece bikini suits with just a little stomach or butt showing. Essentially, shy girls were shy in the way they wore their bikini. I guess if you are more modest, that will reflect in the bikini you choose to wear on the beach in front of a crowd of people. Continue reading

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This spring break, if you want to dress like the celebs, you’ve got to get the look. This means you have to get up to date with all the bikini types worn by all the famous celebrities. Most of the time they get these bikinis as free shwag at award ceremonies or by designers in gift packages, but for the rest of us, if we know the look, can go out to many of our local retail shops or boutiques and find something quite similar. These bikini styles run the gamut, from sexy, to chic, to fun and even a little old fashion.

Here are some of the hottest bikini types worn by famous celebs.

1.      Stripes. Stripes. Stripes. A lot of celebrities will be wearing bikinis this summer with lots of vertical stripes. This will be an old fashioned look that dates back to the 1920s. With the Great Gatsby movie coming out and a few other TV shows, the 1920s are very in right now. It was an era of glamour, dancing and women were finally able to take off their clothes. So why not celebrate this with a striped bikini?

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GRIND 50% OFF Free Shipping | Sex Positions for Every Mood

You already tailor your sex positions to hit your pleasure spots, but you can crank up the heat even more by matching your moves to your mood. Use these emotion-driven pairings to go from “oh” to “ooooh”—no matter how you’re feeling.

Try: The Supernova
Here’s Why: You call all the shots—and ride your man while he kicks back.
Erotic Instructions: Begin in the woman-on-top position. Instead of riding him with his body lengthwise on the mattress, mount your man as he lies perpendicular to the pillows. Once you’re climbing toward climax, stop moving, and gently grab the sides of his torso with your hands. Leaning on your knees, inch him toward the edge of the bed until his head, shoulders, and arms hang backward over the side. Then start riding him again.

Try: The Soft Rock Here’s
Why: You and your man are face-to-face for the whole experience.
Erotic Instructions: For this twist on the typical missionary position, instead of having your man rest on his elbows, ask him to slide two to four inches forward. Have him place his arms on either side of your shoulders, letting his body fall flat against yours. With your legs touching his, push your pelvis up about two inches. Your man should push down gently, providing a little counter-resistance. Instead of the usual in-and-out of thrusting, rock up and down.

Try: Time Bomb
Here’s Why: You’re in the driver’s seat so you control the pace. Continue reading

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